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Do Your Opponents Honor You?


In business and life, sports analogies can strike out (see how I did that?). For those who love sports, the connection makes perfect sense and can crystallize a concept like nothing else – especially the concept of teamwork. But for those who don’t love sports, a sports analogy can sound like a crying child at […]

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Doing Family Well

Some of life’s most memorable moments are not always the big events that took months to plan but are often the unexpected treasures that you discover while in the midst of an unplanned adventure. A couple of weeks ago, on the spur of the moment (even though I don’t really know what a spur has […]

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March Madness is Local Too

My son has always been a talented athlete.  He’s played soccer, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse.  Basketball was his favorite.  However, during his first year playing high school lacrosse, he tore his ACL and never really got back to the level of skill and endurance he had prior to the injury.  So, when he didn’t make […]

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