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Do it Well. Make it Fun. Newsletter (2011-2013)

May 2013: Superheros Wash Windows

April 2013:  Humor and Presentations

March 2013:  Jon Acuff Got His Dream Job

February 2013: Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedian”

January 2013:  A Fun Marketing Story

December 2012:  Getting Through the Holidays

November 2012: Danger or Benefit?

October 2012:  Skill Development

September 2012:  Customer Service Tips

August 2012:  Volunteering

July 2012:  Great Places to Work

May 2012:  Brene Brown and Vulnerability

April 2012:  Ron’s New Book

March 2012:  Teamwork:  All for Fun and Fun for All

February 2012:  Terry Gross Does Interviewing Well

January 2012:  Tim Tebow’s Work Ethic and Attitude

December 2011:  Celebrating Life and The Holidays

November 2011:  Thanksgiving and the Gratitude Dilemma

October 2011:  Reston Hospital Does Employee Health Well

September 2011:  Values and Civility in College?

March 2011:  Mr. Roboto High School Robotics Competition


FUNsultations Newsletter for Healthcare (2007-2010)

July 2010:  The Good Stuff & Christine Cashen

March 2010:  A Good Leadership Story

November 2009:  The Life in Your Days

June 2009:  The Wizard of Roz

February 2009:  Doctors and A Day in the Frontal Lobe

October 2008:  Laughing Your Assets Off – Can Humor Help Your Bottom Line?

June 2008:  Coping with Illness

November 2007:  Regulations, Schmegulations

August 2007:  Humorizing Healthcare


LIGHTENing Bolts Newsletter (2003-2007)

February 2007:  Combining Humor 

September 2006:  Likability

May 2006:  Mundane to FUNdane + AJ Jacobs and The Know It all

February 2006:  Aging & the Red Hats

October 2005:  Disability

August 2005:  Process

April 2005:  Curiosity

January 2005:  Written Humor

October 2004:  Humor and Law

September 2004:  Can You See the Difference?

August 2004:  A Story’s Worth a Thousand Laughs or Somthing Like That

July 2004:  Is Your Glass LAUGH Full?

June 2004:  Interview with Southwest Airlines

May 2004:  Aging & the Senior Senior Prom

April 2004:  Interview with Joel Goodman of The HUMOR Project

March 2004:  When The Boss Ain’t Laughing

January 2004: All for FUN and FUN for All

December 2003:  Humbug or Ha-Ha-Holidays?

October 2003:  Are You Good Enough to Use Humor?

August 2003:  Different Jokes for Different Folks

June 2003:  Does Humor Help us “Hope” So Our Fire Doesn’t “Burn” Out?

May 2003:  April Fool’s Day


FUNsulting, etc. Times Newsletter (2000-2003)

January 2003:  Doing The Right Thing, Doing The Light Thing

August 2002:  With Humor, Don’t Take the Offensive

January 2002:  When is it OK to Laugh?

August 2001:  Presenting Powerful Presentations

January 2001:  Being a Managing Leader

October 2000:  Humor in Written Communications

March 2000:  Humor in Meetings

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Ron Culberson was a terrific kick-off speaker for our annual conference. The attendees were engaged from the moment he took the stage. He provided the perfect balance of message and humor. We tried to make the meeting valuable, yet fun and Ron helped us successfully achieve our vision.

Rick Eisenman, Executive Vice President, Virginia Society of Association Executives

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