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Do it Well. Make it Fun. Newsletter (2011-2013)

May 2013: Superheros Wash Windows

April 2013:  Humor and Presentations

March 2013:  Jon Acuff Got His Dream Job

February 2013: Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedian”

January 2013:  A Fun Marketing Story

December 2012:  Getting Through the Holidays

November 2012: Danger or Benefit?

October 2012:  Skill Development

September 2012:  Customer Service Tips

August 2012:  Volunteering

July 2012:  Great Places to Work

May 2012:  Brene Brown and Vulnerability

April 2012:  Ron’s New Book

March 2012:  Teamwork:  All for Fun and Fun for All

February 2012:  Terry Gross Does Interviewing Well

January 2012:  Tim Tebow’s Work Ethic and Attitude

December 2011:  Celebrating Life and The Holidays

November 2011:  Thanksgiving and the Gratitude Dilemma

October 2011:  Reston Hospital Does Employee Health Well

September 2011:  Values and Civility in College?

March 2011:  Mr. Roboto High School Robotics Competition


FUNsultations Newsletter for Healthcare (2007-2010)

July 2010:  The Good Stuff & Christine Cashen

March 2010:  A Good Leadership Story

November 2009:  The Life in Your Days

June 2009:  The Wizard of Roz

February 2009:  Doctors and A Day in the Frontal Lobe

October 2008:  Laughing Your Assets Off – Can Humor Help Your Bottom Line?

June 2008:  Coping with Illness

November 2007:  Regulations, Schmegulations

August 2007:  Humorizing Healthcare


LIGHTENing Bolts Newsletter (2003-2007)

February 2007:  Combining Humor 

September 2006:  Likability

May 2006:  Mundane to FUNdane + AJ Jacobs and The Know It all

February 2006:  Aging & the Red Hats

October 2005:  Disability

August 2005:  Process

April 2005:  Curiosity

January 2005:  Written Humor

October 2004:  Humor and Law

September 2004:  Can You See the Difference?

August 2004:  A Story’s Worth a Thousand Laughs or Somthing Like That

July 2004:  Is Your Glass LAUGH Full?

June 2004:  Interview with Southwest Airlines

May 2004:  Aging & the Senior Senior Prom

April 2004:  Interview with Joel Goodman of The HUMOR Project

March 2004:  When The Boss Ain’t Laughing

January 2004: All for FUN and FUN for All

December 2003:  Humbug or Ha-Ha-Holidays?

October 2003:  Are You Good Enough to Use Humor?

August 2003:  Different Jokes for Different Folks

June 2003:  Does Humor Help us “Hope” So Our Fire Doesn’t “Burn” Out?

May 2003:  April Fool’s Day


FUNsulting, etc. Times Newsletter (2000-2003)

January 2003:  Doing The Right Thing, Doing The Light Thing

August 2002:  With Humor, Don’t Take the Offensive

January 2002:  When is it OK to Laugh?

August 2001:  Presenting Powerful Presentations

January 2001:  Being a Managing Leader

October 2000:  Humor in Written Communications

March 2000:  Humor in Meetings