Date: February2012

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It Only Takes a Minute to Understand

I have a condition called Windshield Identification Blindness which means, for some reason, I not only can’t identify drivers through their windshields, I can’t tell if they’re motioning me to move forward or giving me the finger. This leads to awkward social situations where I wave at people I don’t know or sit in my car doing […]

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USA Today Focuses on the Anti Cupid

Guess what the cover story of USA Today was on Valentine’s Day, 2012? Chocolate vs. jewelry?  No. The appropriateness of lingerie gifts?  No. Where to dine on Valentine’s Day?  No. Greatest love stories ever? No. It was about online extramarital affairs. Really. I’m a fan of USA Today because they use short words and I […]

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Bob Newhart is Hilariously Insightful

I’m a big fan of Bob Newhart.  A friend recommended this Bob Newhart video from Mad TV.  The funny thing about this video, other than it’s a funny video, is that it’s also incredibly insightful. How often do we get ourselves into predicaments because we do things that are not helpful to us? What if […]

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Brilliance in the Shower


So, what is it about the shower that brings out the best in me?I’m not suggesting that my naked body is the best in me.  I’m talking about the way my mind works when I’m in the shower.  There’s something magical that allows great ideas to flow as freely as the water.  In fact, that’s […]

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Holstee Has a Great Mission Statement

In the February 2012 edition of Inc. Magazine, I read an article about clothing company Holstee’s unique mission statement.  Co-founder Fabian Pfortmüller said that they realized that their business was not only about the product or service they deliver but at the end of the day, it was also about the lifestyle they created.  As […]

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University of Virginia Law School Does Learning Well

Recently, the University of Virginia’s Law School announced that one of it’s classes was responsible for excluding a man of a 1978 rape on the basis of DNA evidence.  This unique program called the Innocence Project Clinic allows students to evaluate the evidence against three people who were convicted of a crime but may be innocent. Dierdre […]

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I Admire Perseverance

Last week, in the same publication (The Week), I read about three people who each overcame serous obstacles to accomplish something significant.  This is important for all of us who can get tripped up by the simplest of things. 1. A homeless 18-year-old became a national science contest semifinalist. 2. A British woman became the […]

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How Important is Congruity for Paula Deen…and For Us?


In our house, we have a running joke that Paula Deen would add butter to butter just to make it more buttery.  As a southerner, I am intimately familiar with the recipes that she demonstrates on her show and will admit that I could definitely enjoy a diet of nothing but her meals, at least […]

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