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USA Today Focuses on the Anti Cupid

Guess what the cover story of USA Today was on Valentine’s Day, 2012?

Chocolate vs. jewelry?  No.
The appropriateness of lingerie gifts?  No.
Where to dine on Valentine’s Day?  No.
Greatest love stories ever? No.

It was about online extramarital affairs.


I’m a fan of USA Today because they use short words and I don’t have to read multiple pages on any particular story.  I like to read highlights.  Just like I do at the doctor’s office.  But, I’m disappointed that of all the potential news stories on Valentine’s Day, USA Today  chose to focus on the unscrupulous practice of luring people away from their committed relationships through online cheating services.

I’m going out on a limb with this one but I suspect there were some other options.

I just wonder what would happen if news agencies made a concerted effort to focus on an equal number of positive articles to negative ones.  Last time I checked, a typical newspaper prints roughly 30 negative articles for every positive one.

Unfortunately, negativity sells.  And we are the ones paying for it.

Now, I realize that this blog is defying the very point that I’m making.  I’m using a negative story to sell positivity.  I guess you could say that I’m trying to sell lemonade with lemons and maybe that’s just as bad.  But then again, maybe you didn’t noticed the negative focus until I pointed it out.  If we’re all more aware of what we’re reading, we can be more discerning.

Bottom line, I’d like to see more uplifting stories that inspire us to be better people.  I don’t really need to be reminded of how bad I can be.  I’m pretty good at that on my own!


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