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March Madness is Local Too

My son has always been a talented athlete.  He’s played soccer, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse.  Basketball was his favorite.  However, during his first year playing high school lacrosse, he tore his ACL and never really got back to the level of skill and endurance he had prior to the injury.  So, when he didn’t make […]

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Would You Have Reported Sandusky?

Thomas Paine said, “Character is much easier kept than recovered.” That makes me think of Penn State.  Lost character that may not ever be recovered. I find myself asking, “Why didn’t someone do something?”  And then I wonder, “Would I have done something?” Easier said than done. A number of years ago, my son Ryan […]

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Compton High School Student Learns to Do it Well at a Young Age

I heard a wonderful story on Headline News recently about Compton (CA) High School senior Allan Guei.  As a standout on the varsity basketball team, Allan entered a free-throw shooting contest sponsored by a marketing agency that wanted to produce a documentary to dispel negative beliefs about the Compton community. Guei won the competition and […]

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