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Compton High School Student Learns to Do it Well at a Young Age

I heard a wonderful story on Headline News recently about Compton (CA) High School senior Allan Guei.  As a standout on the varsity basketball team, Allan entered a free-throw shooting contest sponsored by a marketing agency that wanted to produce a documentary to dispel negative beliefs about the Compton community.

Guei won the competition and the accompanying $40,000 check towards his college expenses.  However, a few days after the contest, Guei found out that he had received a full basketball scholarship to attend Cal State Northridge.  So, Guei donated the $40,000 back to the seven runners up figuring they needed it more than he did.  You can read the article here:  Compton’s Guei Dishes Out Assist of a Lifetime

What a tremendous example of a kid who was raised right and has developed excellent values.  If given the same opportunity, would you have done the same thing?

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