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It's Never Too Late to Get Better

A 79 year-old great-grandmother, Tomasa Herrera, was helping her great-grandson with his homework but was struggling with some of the material (probably the same physics problems my son brought to me).  Her great-grandson said, “You need to go back to school, Grandma.” Thankfully, she didn’t whack him up side the head or send him to […]

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It Takes More Effort To Cheat Than to Do it Well

A Washington Post article reported that 140 teachers and 38 principals were involved in an organized cheating scandal to help students, schools, and districts meet targets required by standardized testing.  Here’s the full article:  Atlanta Public Schools Embroiled in Cheating Scandal I may be missing something here but wouldn’t it be better to put the […]

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Responsible Motorcycling

At the risk of offending some of my two-wheeling friends, I’d like to address a recent report about a motorcyclist who was killed while riding without a helmet in a protest against mandatory helmet laws.  The police reported that had this rider been wearing a helmet, he would have survived.  My condolences go out to […]

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Compton High School Student Learns to Do it Well at a Young Age

I heard a wonderful story on Headline News recently about Compton (CA) High School senior Allan Guei.  As a standout on the varsity basketball team, Allan entered a free-throw shooting contest sponsored by a marketing agency that wanted to produce a documentary to dispel negative beliefs about the Compton community. Guei won the competition and […]

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Clever Breast Cancer Awareness

I was on a flight to Phoenix this week and a man two seats in front of me stood up to leave. I noticed this on the back of his t-shirt: DON’T LET CANCER STEAL SECOND BASE Now, I know that this could be viewed as a very chauvinistic perspective but I think it a […]

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Netflix Doesn't Care About Customers…Do They?

Netflix announced that on September 1, they will change their subscription service by separating the cost of instant downloads from the cost of mailed DVD’s.  For my family, that change will result in a 33% increase in our cost.  I can’t understand why they would stick it to their customers like this.  Don’t they realize […]

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Women, Boomers, and Humor

My friend Pat Williams at Graceful Care sent me this link.  It’s a wonderful resource site for Boomer Women.  This particular page has some great humor. Third Age Humor

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Book – Paid To Speak


Paid to Speak:  Best Practices or Building a Successful Speaking Business
The National Speakers Association

“Paid to Speak offers dozens of sage pieces of advice for anyone who wants to build their speaking business.  From content to marketing to deliver, this book will save you years of hard knocks on your way to becoming a ‘million dollar mouth’.” 

Covering every aspect of launching, building, and maintaining a successful speaking career, Paid to Speak is a must-read for professional speakers – whether keynote speaker, motivator, coach, trainer, facilitator, or consultant – as well as those aspiring to a speaking career.

The book is divided in to four sections:  Eloquence, Enterprise, Expertise, and Ethics.  Ron is co-author of a chapter on “Cooking up Comedy”.


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Doing it Well Means Doing The Work…Even When It's Fun

Sometimes we look at famous comedians and assume they were just born funny and that they don’t have to work at it.  In the movie Comedian, Jerry Seinfeld works his material over and over and over.  Similarly, I spoke with author and columnist Dave Barry and he admitted that writing humor was terribly difficult and […]

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