Date: January2014

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Alta Vista Chamber of Commerce – Doing it Well

I recently had the privilege of speaking for the Alta Vista Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards dinner. I love these events because they bring businesses together and recognize them for what they’re doing to keep the business community strong. And in turn, I believe it makes the entire community strong. If you’d like to read […]

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The View From Inside Out


As the day begins, the dim light slowly exposes the wondrous nature that surrounds me. A little later, the sun will peek over the mountain range and a red-streaked sky will welcome a new day. Often, deer or wild turkeys (the feathered kind, not the bourbon kind) amble through the yard looking for food to […]

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Happy New…Day!


OK, be honest. How many resolutions have you created for 2014? Now, be really honest. How many have you already decided you’ll put off until 2015? This time of the year is full of possibilities. We’ll lose 20 pounds. We’ll exercise every day. We’ll demonstrate a more positive attitude. And we’ll finally cut the comb-over […]

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