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Alta Vista Chamber of Commerce – Doing it Well

I recently had the privilege of speaking for the Alta Vista Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards dinner. I love these events because they bring businesses together and recognize them for what they’re doing to keep the business community strong. And in turn, I believe it makes the entire community strong.

If you’d like to read an article about the event and my role, please click here: Alta Vista Journal

If you follow my Do It Well, Make it Fun philosophy of analyzing the processes in life and work, you can see remarkable things hidden among ordinary experiences. At the Alta Vista dinner, the casual observer might see a catered dinner in an elementary school cafeteria where a group of people give out a few awards and then a strikingly handsome humorist closes out the night with an extraordinary presentation. OK, the casual observer may have missed that last part but I saw it.

However, upon closer examination, here is what really happened. First of all, the catering company, which served a wonderful meal of delicious comfort food, was staffed by students from the local high school who needed to earn service hours. The decorations, while not elaborate, created an elegant environment, without breaking the bank, so that the room did not feel at all like an elementary school cafeteria. And among the award winners were not only businesses that have sacrificed a lot to serve the community but an amazing Citizen of the Year, Staff Sgt. Christopher Walker, who literally sacrificed his health and safety while serving in Afghanistan.

The casual observer may have missed the details of this wonderful event.

When you look below the surface, you often see the hidden gems in our world. And among these gems are ordinary people who are doing  extraordinarily things. That’s the key to Do it Well, Make it Fun.


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