Date: February2013

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Is Yahoo Sacrificing Employees for Excellence?

Yahoo recently announced that it will eliminate telecommuting, or working from home, because company leaders believe the office environment fosters collaboration, productivity, efficiency and yes, fun that can’t be accomplished if everyone is working from home. As you can imagine, Yahoo employees are reacting somewhat negatively to this decision. On the surface, Yahoo’s decision may […]

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What to Do When Conflict Happens

Ron’s latest Huffington Post Blog: Whenever I encounter conflict, something in the pit of my stomach turns and I feel a burst of adrenaline shoot through my body. It’s that instinctual fight-or-flight mechanism preparing me for battle… or to run. If the conflict occurs in a dark alley and involves more than a dozen people, […]

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Bias, Civility and Discourse in a Highly Connected World

As I’ve said before, I can be a pretty judgmental person. I don’t like being that way but I find that it’s almost automatic. And the outcome of my judgmentalism is usually a criticism, whether internally thought or externally spoken, of another person’s behavior or words. And almost always, this judgmentalism comes from my biases. […]

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Newsletter – Jon Acuff Finds His Dream Job

An excerpt from our Do it Well, Make it Fun Newsletter: One of the great blessings in my life, other than my good looks and charm, is that I get to do what I love for a living. I love being a speaker. I love being an author. And when people laugh, I love being […]

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Benefit of The Doubt

The phrase “benefit of the doubt” (BOTD) is a legal term. It refers to giving someone favorable judgement in the absence of all the evidence. Since I see you, the readers, as my collective therapists, I will confess to you that I’m not good at BOTD. I’m much better at the D part but not […]

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Jon Acuff Does it Well and Makes it Really Fun(ny)

I had the privilege of interviewing Jon Acuff, bestselling author of Stuff Christians Like, Quitter and the soon-to-be-released Start. He is an amazing young man who struggled through eight jobs in eight years before he found his dream job as a writer and speaker. But as he will tell you, those are simply titles. The […]

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FedEx Kinko’s Is EXpensiveOh


My wife and I are building our retirement home. Let me rephrase that. My wife and I are building a home in which one day, God willing, we’ll retire. We just want to enjoy it before we get to the walker-and-pureed-food stage of our lives. We bought our house plans online at, coincidentally, and I […]

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