Date: March2012

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We Can’t Change the World Until We Change Our Response to It

I recently traveled from Washington, DC to Brisbane, Australia, the farthest I’ve ever been from home. I crossed the international time zone and am now a day ahead of my family back home.  Somehow it seems that I should be able to tell them the winning lottery numbers before they’ve been drawn, but I can’t […]

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Boosting Employee Morale

Joy Powers wrote a great article called “10 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Employee Morale.” You can see the entire article here: 10 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Morale I’ve spent most of my career working for, or speaking to, non-profit organizations.  The problem with the leadership in most of these organizations is that they believe, incorrectly, […]

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Much Public Discourse is Discouraging


Rush Limbaugh recently called a female law student a “slut” because of her stand on abortion and health insurance. Jon Hamm called Kim Kardashian an “idiot” because of her role in reality television. And many people routinely refer to the President of the United States by less than complimentary terms. I don’t mind when people […]

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March Madness is Local Too

My son has always been a talented athlete.  He’s played soccer, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse.  Basketball was his favorite.  However, during his first year playing high school lacrosse, he tore his ACL and never really got back to the level of skill and endurance he had prior to the injury.  So, when he didn’t make […]

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