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The Prom of All Proms

About this time each year, I mention one of the best done, and fun, community service projects that my Rotary Club performs. It’s called the Senior Senior Prom.

Simply stated, it’s a senior prom for senior citizens. Is that cool, or what?

About 200 area seniors pack the events hall at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church from 2:00-4:00 in the afternoon leaving plenty of time for a nap before dinner. They are treated to a free meal, delicious desserts, and the magical big band tunes of the Loudoun Jazz Ensemble.

The Eight Week Wonders, a swing dance group, also performs and provides partners for those seniors who want to dance but don’t have a date. And after nearly a decade, nobody has broken a hip yet!

It’s one of the most heartwarming events I’ve ever had the privilege to attend. And as a 51 year-old member of AARP, I couldn’t help thinking about the day when I may attend as a participant. Of course, by then, I hope that the sounds of Benny Goodman will be replaced by Led Zepplin and Jimi Hendrix. Just saying.

It’s clear that the Senior Senior Prom is a wonderful example of Do it Well, Make it Fun.

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