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Jon Acuff Does it Well and Makes it Really Fun(ny)

I had the privilege of interviewing Jon Acuff, bestselling author of Stuff Christians Like, Quitter and the soon-to-be-released Start. He is an amazing young man who struggled through eight jobs in eight years before he found his dream job as a writer and speaker. But as he will tell you, those are simply titles. The […]

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Making Your Writing Better and More Fun

This is a great article from Ragan Communications on how to improve your writing.  Here is a taste and a link to the entire article. The artwork of M.C. Escher shows crazy worlds in which staircases appear to go nowhere and people “sit” upside down or sideways. The plywood pillar at your local museum is […]

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Documents Available Online

The King Center Imaging Project has made over 200,000 documents available online at The King Center.  Among the documents are the handwritten notes for Dr. King’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech and initial edits of his “I Have a Dream” speech. As a huge fan of Dr. King, it’s is fascinating to see his handwritten […]

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Finding the Stories in Medicine

I’m a big believer in the power of stories to connect to others and to share important information metaphorically.  In the past few years, we have seen an increase in the use of stories in corporate environments to tell the story of the company, the products, and the customers. I think most staff want to […]

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How Disciplined Are You?

I’m writing my third book and decided to retreat to a beach house in Duck, NC.  The isolation has helped me to focus on why I’m here – to write. As inspiration, I re-read Stephen King’s book On Writing.  It’s a tremendous book and it covers the essential ingredients in good writing without getting weighed […]

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