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Making Your Writing Better and More Fun

This is a great article from Ragan Communications on how to improve your writing.  Here is a taste and a link to the entire article.

  • The artwork of M.C. Escher shows crazy worlds in which staircases appear to go nowhere and people “sit” upside down or sideways.
  • The plywood pillar at your local museum is painted a creamy, mottled white, with deep grey veins and other imperfections so the plywood looks like marble.
  • When you put your dinner on a 12-inch plate instead of a 17-inch one, you eat less food and feel more satisfied by it.

What do these three facts have in common? They are all optical illusions. Illusions are important in writing, too. A piece that looks great will read better than one that is visually dull or confusing.

To read the rest of the article, go here: Optical illusions to enhance your writing


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