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Hospice as a Business

As a former hospice social worker and senior manager, I was intrigued by an article in USA Today about marketing hospice care as a good financial decision.  You can read the article here:  Hospice Marketed as Cost Cutter. Essentially, one expert suggests that hospices can market themselves to hospitals, as a cost savings method, because […]

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USA Today Focuses on the Anti Cupid

Guess what the cover story of USA Today was on Valentine’s Day, 2012? Chocolate vs. jewelry?  No. The appropriateness of lingerie gifts?  No. Where to dine on Valentine’s Day?  No. Greatest love stories ever? No. It was about online extramarital affairs. Really. I’m a fan of USA Today because they use short words and I […]

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Kim Kardashian is No Cricket

I used to think that crickets weren’t worth more than a lot of noise.  But an article in USA Today reported that male crickets are actually quite gallant and will sacrifice their safety to protect a female partner.  I think Kim Kardashian could learn a lot from this report.  Her 72-day marriage seems to put […]

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Netflix Doesn't Care About Customers…Do They?

Netflix announced that on September 1, they will change their subscription service by separating the cost of instant downloads from the cost of mailed DVD’s.  For my family, that change will result in a 33% increase in our cost.  I can’t understand why they would stick it to their customers like this.  Don’t they realize […]

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