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Humor in the White House…Correspondants Dinner

The annual presidential comedy excursion took place this weekend.  Both President Obama and comedian Jimmy Kimmel did a great job entertaining the audience of media representatives, politicians, and celebrities.  Below are videos of both doing their shtick.  Notice the clever way they used current events and personal shortcomings to poke fun of each other and the state […]

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Much Public Discourse is Discouraging


Rush Limbaugh recently called a female law student a “slut” because of her stand on abortion and health insurance. Jon Hamm called Kim Kardashian an “idiot” because of her role in reality television. And many people routinely refer to the President of the United States by less than complimentary terms. I don’t mind when people […]

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At Least Obama Tried to Be Funny

During last night’s State of the Union speech, President Obama told a very bad joke.  Personally, I like very bad jokes but I am always prepared with a recovery line if my audience agrees that it’s a very bad joke.  Here’s Obama’s line: “I’ve ordered every federal agency to eliminate rules that don’t make sense. […]

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