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What I Learned – Gas Authority & Coverys

    Welcome to Ron’s video blog called “What I Learned” where he describes what he has learned from his clients. If you click the image below, you will land on the video page to see Ron’s smiling face and hear his sultry voice! Or if you prefer to avoid all of that, you can […]

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Bob Newhart is Hilariously Insightful

I’m a big fan of Bob Newhart.  A friend recommended this Bob Newhart video from Mad TV.  The funny thing about this video, other than it’s a funny video, is that it’s also incredibly insightful. How often do we get ourselves into predicaments because we do things that are not helpful to us? What if […]

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Do it Well-Make it Fun…A White Paper

I just added a link to my white paper on Do it Well. Make it Fun. The link is on the home page. Plus, you can read it below. It’s long, but well worth it! Life is short. In a relative, big picture kind of way. So, we must make the most of the short […]

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