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University of Virginia Law School Does Learning Well

Recently, the University of Virginia’s Law School announced that one of it’s classes was responsible for excluding a man of a 1978 rape on the basis of DNA evidence.  This unique program called the Innocence Project Clinic allows students to evaluate the evidence against three people who were convicted of a crime but may be innocent. Dierdre […]

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Arrest App

In yesterday’s post, I discussed the death penalty.  And now for something completely different…but not really. There is a new Android app called “I’m Getting Arrested.”  Here’s the description at the Android app store: Alert your lawyer, loved ones, etc … that you are being arrested with a click.  I’m Getting Arrested enables anyone, with […]

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The Death Penalty is Not Worth It

I recently read that 138 people on death row, since 1973, have been exonerated of their crimes.  In other words, 138 innocent people were sentenced to die for a crime they did not commit. Can you imagine being one of those people?  Can you imagine being someone who was actually executed for a crime he […]

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For an Honors Student, Not So Smart

At least seven students on Long Island were charged with participating in an SAT scam recently.  Allegedly, a college sophomore (and clearly a smart student, by the way) took the SAT’s for other high school students and charged them $1,500-2,500 for the service.  Not only did he get caught, but the high school students who […]

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