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For an Honors Student, Not So Smart

At least seven students on Long Island were charged with participating in an SAT scam recently.  Allegedly, a college sophomore (and clearly a smart student, by the way) took the SAT’s for other high school students and charged them $1,500-2,500 for the service.  Not only did he get caught, but the high school students who hired him may have also missed their opportunity at a proper college education.

Maybe I’m a bit naive here but if these students were so smart, couldn’t they get good jobs making good money in a legitimate business?  Doing things well means identifying the values and principles that will serve you well in life and work.  These values encourage us to make the right decisions rather than the easy ones.

The college student who took the SAT’s for other students faces up to four difficult years in jail for his role in the scheme.  But, if he doesn’t change his value system, I suspect he will spend many more years in a difficult life.

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