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Running Away from New Experiences

Recently, I read an article about a man who is running from Los Angeles to San Francisco…backwards…to inspire people to try something new. Apparently, this guy has been running backwards for 46 years and even competed in few marathons. It brings a whole new meaning to “he took out several competitors along the way.”

I think it’s admirable that he is encouraging people to try something new. In fact, I tend to be a little too deeply ingrained in past habits and patterns so I could stand to try a few new things myself. But I couldn’t help thinking that while this guy is¬†doing something different, the whole time he’s running, he’s looking at where he’s been. And it strikes me as a bit ironic that the whole idea of doing something new means letting go of the past, or where we’ve been, in hopes of experiencing new ideas and adventures.

So, as you think about your own work or personal life, is the past keeping you from going a new direction? If so, make sure you’re facing the right way so that you can see the new possibilities in front of you rather than hanging on to the limitations of the past.


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