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NY Math Museum Turns Mundane Into Fun

When I show speakers how to add humor to a presentation, inevitably, an accountant or an engineer in the audience will say that they don’t see how they can make their topic funny. My initial thought is, “It’s just like an accountant or an engineer to think that way.”

Then I remember that I’m married to an engineer and I come up with a much more appropriate response like, “What, are you crazy?”

You see, a speaker with a serious or technical topic has the greatest potential for adding fun and humor because nobody is expecting it. The contrast between the serious and the funny makes both more powerful.

And that is the strategy behind the new (and only) National Museum of Mathematics that opened last week in Manhattan. You can read more about it here: MoMath

They’ve taken a relatively boring concept, math, and made it more accessible and more fun. Which is exactly what you do to engage an audience. Make the information accessible and fun.

The museum includes a square-wheeled tricycle, a “wall of fire” laser exhibit, and an Enigma Cafe offering food for the mind, not the body. How cool is that?

The next time you’re in Manhattan, check it out. It’s a great example of Do it Well, Make it Fun.


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