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Loudoun County Public Schools Does Orientation Well

For the past eight years, one of my favorite speaking engagements is for the Loudoun County Public Schools New Teacher Orientation.  The reason it’s such a treat for me is that they do a great job of making the new teachers feel welcome to the system.

The day begins with a high school band and cheerleaders entertaining the teachers as they stand in line waiting to come into the building.  Then, the principals of all the schools as well as the central office staff, cheer as the new teachers proceed into the building for a light breakfast with vendors.  The program includes a funny presentation by me and presentations by the school board president, the superintendent of schools, and many of the sponsors (local vendors who support the educational system).

The message is clear and consistent.  Do a good job and have a good time.  Do it well and make it fun.  So, the message is congruent with the work that I do.

To give you a taste of the energy, here is a clip from the procession at the start of the day.  How would you like to start your first day of work like this?

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