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Welcome to a new feature on my blog. The goal of Live Well, Have Fun is to review products and services to see if they live up to the Do it Well, Make it Fun Test. Additionally, it will be good accountability for me to see if I, too, am Living Well and Having Fun! I hope you find value in them.

DATE: September 20, 2012

THE SITUATION (not the Jersey Shore guy): Airport Transportation

THE EXPERIENCE: Today, I had the privilege of being toted, as we say in SW Virginia, from the Springfield, MO airport to Branson, MO by Fisk Limousine Service. Now let’s be clear, I’m a taxi guy and not typically a limo guy. Not that I have anything against limos, I’m just a bit cheap and will often go the less expensive route even if the cab smells like garlic.

My driver from Fisk was Jack which is a great name for a driver, especially if we have a flat along the way. And this Jack was simply delightful. He was destined for a job in which he could socialize – and socialize he did. But not in an obnoxious way. He regaled me with stories of local Branson celebrities (Brad Pitt’s mother who frequent’s the same hair salon as Jack’s mother) as well trips with Elton John and Kevin Costner. My favorite story was about Garrison Keillor who read the newspaper to Jack all the way to the airport. By the way, having Garrison Keillor read the newspaper to me is now on my bucket list.

As for the service, the car was clean, comfortable, and on time. The bottled water was cold. We didn’t get a speeding ticket nor did we get lost. And the conversation was top shelf.

THE VERDICT: If you’re ever going to Branson and need a ride. Don’t rent a car or take a taxi. Call Fisk and ask for Jack. He’ll stay with you all day!

DO IT WELL MAKE IF FUN – TEST SCORE: 8+. Well done and fun.


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