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Welcome to a new feature on my blog. The goal of Live Well, Have Fun is to review products and services to see if they live up to the Do it Well, Make it Fun Test. Additionally, it will be good accountability for me to see if I, too, am Living Well and Having Fun! I hope you find value in them.

September 20, 2012

THE SITUATION (not the Jersey Shore version): Dinner

THE EXPERIENCE: Whenever I travel, I like to explore new dining experiences. Unfortunately, sometimes the only option I have is room service or an Applebee’s that’s within walking distance. I don’t I have anything against either of these options but I’d prefer to enjoy a local dining experience instead since I can go to Applebee’s at home.

While in Branson, MO, I tried the Cantina Loredo at the Branson Landing. By the way, if you’ve never been to the Landing, it’s a wonderful long pedestrian street full of stores, restaurants, and a fun dancing water fountain that was synchronized to the song Kung Foo Fighting. By the way, anything synchronized to Kung Foo Fighting is likely to be fun.

I was seated right away which was not unusual since I was eating at 5:30 p.m. Central time as my stomach was on Eastern time. I was shown to a table on the White River. Well, not actually on the river but on the patio overlooking the river. It was the perfect setting for dinner.

The restaurant advertises itself as a gourmet mexican restaurant and the items reflected that in both quality and price. The chips were fresh and crisp and the salsa, one tomato and one smoky chipotle, were outstanding. And as I am apt to do, I ate too much of both before my entree arrived.

I chose a “house specialty,” the Cantina Loredo platter.

Any time the word “platter” is used to describe an entree, be forewarned that platters are typically used for serving, not for eating. Thus, there will most likely be too much food. And at the Catina Loredo, there was. The meal included a chicken chile relleno, a beef tamale, a chicken enchilada, and a beef soft taco. Oh, and lots of rice.

I’m reminded of the late comedian Mitch Hedberg’s line, “Rice is good when you want 2000 of something.”

I didn’t need 2000 of anything on this platter.

The meal was delicious. The enchilada and tamale were especially so. Since it was way too much to eat so I tried to move the food around to make it appear that I had eaten more than I had. That way, the waiter wouldn’t lecture me on the multitude of starving children around the globe that would happily eat what was left on my platter.

The service was very good and the waiters were pleasant and responsive. But he didn’t do tricks like the chefs at Benihana. He simply served.

THE VERDICT: This is a great restaurant that is reasonably priced for most of the menu items. I would definitely recommend it.

DIWMIF TEST SCORE: 8. Well done and pleasant, but not necessarily real fun.

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