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It's Never Too Late to Get Better

A 79 year-old great-grandmother, Tomasa Herrera, was helping her great-grandson with his homework but was struggling with some of the material (probably the same physics problems my son brought to me).  Her great-grandson said, “You need to go back to school, Grandma.”

Thankfully, she didn’t whack him up side the head or send him to time out for being a smart…aleck.  Instead, she took his suggestion to heart and earned her GED Certificate.

Oh, and by the way, it took the wheelchair-bound woman three years, enduring eye surgery, appendicitis, a broken leg, and math that wasn’t even invented when she was a child, to earn the certificate.

So, whenever you feel the need to say that you are too old to change or learn something new, remember Tomasa.  And then, quit whining!

Here’s the full story: 79 Year-Old Grandma Earns GED

Tomasa did it well.

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