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Humor is More than a Punchline

Ron’s newest Huffington Post Blog posted today:

As a hospice social worker, my role was to provide psychosocial counseling to terminally ill patients and their families. Once, I was on my way to visit a patient and, unbeknownst to me, I was given the wrong directions to the patient’s house. I should have taken the second left on a particular street, but the directions said to take the third left.

In an unfortunate coincidence, the house numbers were the same on both streets. So, I went up to the wrong house, thinking it was the right house, and knocked on the door.

A woman opened the door and I said, “Hi, I’m Ron Culberson, the hospice social worker.”

She took a step back and said, “Hi, I’m Mary Smith. And I’ve got a cold… but I’m not that sick.”

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