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How Do You Have Fun With Your Partner?

A few days ago, I asked friends on Facebook to share what they do to have fun with their spouse, partner or significant other. Here are some of the responses I got.

“[censored]” (I thought that was funny!)

“Family dinner each night. Walk along the lake Michigan beach.”

“Go to concerts – from friend’s jazz band to ethnic combos to National Symphony.”

“We laugh, travel.”

“We have an audiobook that we listen to only when together (when in the car).”

“Biking locally, and taking bikes out of town for biking trips – which always involve ice cream.”

What struck me about most of these contributions is that they involve simple time together rather than complicated activities requiring lots of time or money. It’s about making a priority of the relationship and maintaining the fun in purposeful, meaningful ways. As a friend of ours once said, “If we maintained our relationships as regularly as we maintain our cars, our relationships would run more smoothly.”


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