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Forbes Interview

Recently, I was contacted by Dan Schawbel who writes a blog for Forbes.  He asked me several questions about my new book.  Below is an excerpt and a link to the entire article.

Dan:  What if you can’t get a job that you’re excited about? What do you do?

Ron:  Once I started my business, I believed more than ever that there is a great job out there for all of us. That being said, it’s not always easy to find. My career evolved over a decade as I kept trying different types of jobs. While I liked each one, it wasn’t until I started speaking and writing that I felt I had found my calling. So, I think there are two approaches. One approach is to spend our lives looking for that calling. This may require taking risks, pursuing jobs that may not work out, and doing things we don’t particularly like to get to the things we like. I love to read about famous authors. Most of them had “real” jobs but wrote whenever they could – in the early morning, late at night, etc. So, their day job allowed them to pursue their passion.

Eventually, they were able to write full time (a rarity for sure). The other approach is to find a way to make a job you don’t love more enjoyable. As I mentioned earlier, a job is nothing more than a series of processes. If we take each process and analyze what we don’t like, there is potential to make it better. For instance, I recall a study that said that 85% of the people surveyed hated meetings. Well, if meetings are part of our jobs, what are we doing to make them less miserable? We have much more control over our day than we often realize. You can see this whenever you encounter someone in a job that most of us would not want and yet that person has a great attitude. They decided to make the job better.

Read the entire article here:  Why You Need to Have Fun to Be Successful

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