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Drive Thru Funeral Home – Neither Well Done Nor Fun

I ran across an article on the Mental Floss website describing a drive-thru funeral home in Compton, CA.  There is a short article and video here:  Drive Thru Funeral Home

If you’ve ever been to Chinatown in New York City or other metropolitan area, it’s not uncommon to see dead ducks hanging in the store windows.  I’m not so sure it’s as appropriate to have dead people in the window.

Even for elderly people who have trouble walking, if it’s too much trouble to get out of the car, I’m not sure you really need to pay your respects.

Drive thru fast food is not healthy but it’s quick.  Drive thru car washes are not thorough but they get the bulk of the dirt off your car.  Drive thru funeral homes are just impersonal.  And in a world where we routinely try to avoid death, perhaps we need to make it more personal.

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