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Don’t Be a Worm

I went to get the mail today, after a long steady rain, and had to dodge dozens of dead worms on my driveway.  Being curious about why so many worms come out during the rain, I consulted the wisest of all sources, the internet, to find my answer.

There are several reasons worms may come out of their cozy worm holes during the rain but several authorities agree that it’s because the conditions are right (moist and slimy, I guess) for worms to mate.

Who knew?

So, the worms in my driveway essentially risked death just to mate.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  We humans are forever risking relationships, success, and happiness for a quickie, if you will.  And by “quickie”, I mean those immediate gratifications that are satisfying in the short run but leave us wanting something more fulfilling in the long run.

(Now, I realize the worms may not be functioning on a higher level of cognitive understanding and that their quickie may be driven by instinct rather than choice but just let me stick with this metaphor since I’m already this far into it, OK?)

Everyday, I fight the urge to do the easy work instead of the important work.  What’s your important work?  Is it time with the family?  Is it a project you keep putting off?  Is it the exercise you need to keep you healthy?  Is it plastic instead of paper?

Success comes from doing the important work.  And then, if we give it a little extra thought, perhaps we can even make the important work more fun.  A twofer.  That’s what Do it Well, Make it Fun is all about.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, don’t be the worm on the driveway.  Or something like that.

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