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Customer Service Done Well and Fun

The following was sent to me by my friend and colleague Rob Shore of  It’s such a great example of how to do customer service well and still have fun.

If you are not familiar with Dollar Shave Club I know you will get a kick out of their promo video.

I had an issue with a recent order and, because of the fun tone they set for their business I was compelled to write the following to their service area:

So I upgraded my plan to get the swanky 4 blade razors.

The good news is I received the new blades – swanky indeed.

In other news I did not receive a handle for said new blades.

In other, other news I need a shave and my wife will no longer kiss me. This, de facto means, that Dollar Shave Club is putting a hurting on my action…if you know what I mean.

Kindly reply/remedy ASAP.

To which they replied:

So sorry about the delay getting back to you. We’re shipping you a handle today so your wife will kiss you again…and you get your action back (if you know what I mean).

Happy Shaving!

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