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Brave’s Princess Merida’s Hair is Done Very Well

There is a great article in USA Today about the success Pixar’s animators had in creating the hair for Brave’s Princess Merida.  You can read the entire article here:  Animation Sensation.

In order to make Merida’s hair look real, it took animators and engineers three years to create the technology and then design the animation for the intricately flowing locks.

That’s amazing!

When I think of the work that I do, I haven’t spent three years dedicated to any of it.  Oh sure, I’ve spent a lot of time on projects (like my new book that’s still available on Amazon!) but I tend to get distracted by unimportant tasks and don’t really focus as I should.

I love a recent Twitter post by writer Anne Lamott.  She said that some days, she only focuses on improving one piece of mediocre writing.  She’s not doing a lot of different tasks.  Instead, she’s focused on what needs to be done.

Imagine how good we’d be at our work, our craft, or even our hobbies if we spent as much time as Pixar’s animators did on just the hair of their lead character.

They really did it well.

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