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Articles on Doing it Well and Making it Fun at Work

Fun art outside Prada store in Singapore

Fun art outside Prada store in Singapore

I recently ran across two excellent articles on success and fun in the work environment. The first is from Forbes called 10 Reasons Why Humor is the Key to Success at Work. Author Jacqueline Smith (apparently not the Charlie’s Angels one) references three experts who discuss the value of a fun work environment. Michael Kerr, one of the experts, is a friend and colleague who has written extensively on this topic. I particularly like the notion that humor can lead to productivity – something that is counterintuitive to most folks.

The second article from Inc. focuses on what makes successful people successful. It’s called 8 Things Really Successful People Do and author Kevin Daum points out several important qualities that lead to success. Ironically, most of them are about self discipline rather than making a million dollars. Clearly it is the way we conduct ourselves that creates the path to success.

I found both of these articles to be closely aligned with the Do it Well, Make it Fun philosophy and hope you find them helpful.

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