Date: November2013

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Leadership as a Service Rather Than a Destination


What do you think of when you hear the word “service”? Do you think of service organizations like Rotary International? Do you think about the start of a tennis point? Or do you think of what always seems to be missing at Denny’s? When you hear service applied to leadership, as in “servant leadership,” you […]

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The 4-Step Formula for Seeing Humor in the World

A reprint from Speaker Magazine, the magazine of the National Speakers Association. One of the most common questions funny people get is, “How do you ever come up with that stuff?” As a professional humorist (as opposed to an amateur humorist or even an unprofessional humorist), I can tell you that there is a formula […]

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Can’t You See You Need Help?


The problem with mirrors is that they lie. Or perhaps, more accurately, they don’t tell the whole truth. Mirrors will show you the cavernous lines on your forehead that have become more pronounced as you’ve aged but they don’t show you that these lines got there because you frowned too much at your spouse. Mirrors […]

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