Date: November2012

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A Post-Thanksgiving Reminder

Ron’s latest Huffington Post blog: I’m a big fan of Thanksgiving because the focus is so simple. It’s all about the food and the fellowship. Unlike Christmas, there are no Thanksgiving gifts, no special decorations, and no fear of offending someone who might not believe in turkey when I say, “Happy Thanksgiving.” This year, however, […]

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Please Don’t Pass Those Who Have Passed

I was on my way to a meeting the other day when I spotted a funeral procession a few cars in front of me. It was 7:30……in the morning……Eastern Standard Time. Who gets buried at that time of the day? Most people are not in that much of a hurry to get to the cemetery. Nonetheless, I […]

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Do You See Danger or Benefits?

The following is part of Ron’s newest newsletter: I was unpacking my suitcase in a hotel recently while watching The Ellen Show. I like Ellen DeGeneres. She finds funny in everything. During one of the commercial breaks, there was an ad for a particular medication that I won’t name – to protect them and me! […]

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