Date: August2012

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Now Doesn’t Last Forever

Ron’s newest Huffington Post blog posted today: It’s Thursday, and our week has been a flurry of activity. Our traditional end-of-the-summer meal was on Tuesday. My son and I played golf yesterday, and last night the whole family attended a baseball game. My wife is taking my daughter to a concert tonight. You see, we’re […]

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Grin Whether You Want To Or Not

Researchers at the University of Kansas discovered what many already knew.  Grinning makes you feel better.   The study  by Dr. Sarah Pressman indicates that even a fake smile makes us more relaxed.  You can read a longer report here CBS News. Doing things well sometimes means doing tings when you don’t feel like it. […]

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Humor is More than a Punchline

Ron’s newest Huffington Post Blog posted today: As a hospice social worker, my role was to provide psychosocial counseling to terminally ill patients and their families. Once, I was on my way to visit a patient and, unbeknownst to me, I was given the wrong directions to the patient’s house. I should have taken the […]

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If An 8-Year-Old Can Raise $1,000, What About You?


Charitable organizations have been hurting for the past few years ever since the economy tanked.  People have less to give and quite honestly, I think we’re just a little hesitant to part with our money in case the economy doesn’t recover anytime soon.  It makes it hard for some groups to achieve their missions. Then, […]

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Volunteering is Good for Your Soul and Your Blind Spots

Ron’s newest Huffington Post Blog posted today: “You see them the minute you get out of your car. The bell ringer. The Girl Scout. The political activist. They stand between you and the door to the grocery store. There is no side entrance and no way to pole vault over them. You’re stuck.” (To read […]

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