Date: October2011

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Uncomfortable? On an Airplane?

Leisha Hailey, an actress who starred on The L Word was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight when someone complained that she kissed her girlfriend and it made him/her uncomfortable.  An LA Times article (Leisha Hailey LA Times article) reported that Hailey and her girlfriend were approached by a flight attendant and that the discussion […]

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Money Can't Buy Happiness

Researchers from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand that individuals who are able to change their careers or pursue their passions rate highest on the well being scale.  Read the article here:  Well Being Study I started my business in 1996 and since then, I’ve been convinced that there is a job or career […]

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Don't Smile?

A study from Michigan State University reported that customer service employees who fake smile throughout the day end up with a worse mood and withdraw from work, which affects productivity. But if the same workers focus on something positive, such as a recent vacation, it genuinely affects their mood and they withdraw less. Read the […]

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This is NOT Doing it Well

Apparently, Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone used to have an appreciation for money according to one online article.  But today, she is looking for a house in L.A. in a $160 million neighborhood.  She also went shopping for a $1 million bathtub for her home in London. So, I’ve done my share […]

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Honesty. That's One Way to Do it Well

An article in The Week magazine reported that a server at San Diego Chargers stadium tripped on the stairs and dropped $1,000 over the railing and on top of fans at the game.  One would wonder how many fans would pocket a dollar or two.  But apparently, in San Diego, the fans do it well. […]

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