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How to See the World Like a Comedian

One of the most common questions funny people get is, “how do you ever come up with that stuff?” As a professional humorist (as opposed to an amateur humorist or even an unprofessional humorist), I can tell you that there is a formula for seeing the world as a comedian does. It’s called Congruent Incongruence […]

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Jerry Seinfeld’s Success is Based on Work Ethic

The New York Times did a wonderful article on Jerry Seinfeld. What stands out most is his amazing work ethic. While a solid work ethic certainly benefits most things in life and work, it is especially true when it comes to writing and more specifically writing comedy. It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t […]

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Doing it Well Means Doing The Work…Even When It's Fun

Sometimes we look at famous comedians and assume they were just born funny and that they don’t have to work at it.  In the movie Comedian, Jerry Seinfeld works his material over and over and over.  Similarly, I spoke with author and columnist Dave Barry and he admitted that writing humor was terribly difficult and […]

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