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Hilarious Keynote PresentationsOpener, closer, and even a middler

Ron’s keynote presentations are ideal for conferences, meetings, awards programs, and employee recognition events.

If you want a funny and insightful presentation to kick off or close your event, Ron is your guy. He delivers just the right amount of message and humor, and provides the perfect presentation to balance the serious or technical content at your conference or meeting. The audience will be uplifted, challenged, and inspired to apply the concept of pursuing excellence and fun in both their work and personal lives.

Ron offers the following presentations:


Do it Well. Make it Fun.®
The Key to Success in Life, Death, and Almost Everything in Between

Ron’s signature presentation shows staff and leaders how combining excellence and fun helps to manage stress, communicate more effectively, and improve the work environment. It’s not only hilarious, it delivers an important life principle.


If Not Now, When?
Making the Most of Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your Work

This program is a perfect follow up presentation to Do it Well, Make it Fun and gives participants an understanding of how to stay more mindful in their everyday lives. By attending to the reality of the moment rather than the often distracting messages in our heads, this funny presentation shows participants the value of being present.


Back To Life
Reviving Your Perspective, Your Life, and Your Future

Based on Ron’s recent training as a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Ron shares some lessons that apply to both our work and personal lives. From staying healthy to being “alert and oriented” to seeking the additional resources we need to grow, this program offers insights delivered with a touch of humor.


Managing to be A Great (And Fun) Leader

This presentation is designed for supervisors, managers, and leaders to show them, in a humorous way, how to discover the necessary skills, values, and communication practices that will create a workplace culture in which excellence and fun can coexist.



Ron Culberson is a dynamic speaker who really knows how to captivate and entertain an audience! His easy-going personality and enthusiastic style of story-telling is universally appealing.”

—Betsy Bailey
CEO/President, Health Information Associates

Photo of Ron Culberson delivering virtual program

Virtual ProgramsThe benefits of Ron without leaving your home (or office)

Ron can deliver virtual keynotes, webinars, and facilitated sessions. You will get the same humor, storytelling, and engaging content as if Ron was there in person — without having to leave the comfort of you home or office. This is a great way to take advantage of technology to educate and inspire participants both locally and around the country.


Keynotes and Webinars

Ron’s keynote presentations and webinars are ideal for conferences, meetings, and special events. You can see some of his topics in the Keynotes and Seminar sections lower on this page.


A Year of Do it Well, Make it Fun – Virtual Interactive Series

Ron offers a deeper dive into the concepts presented in his book, Do it Well, Make it Fun. Throughout the year, participants gather monthly either with Ron live or by video for 45-minute sessions to learn, discuss, and explore the ideas presented in the book. This series is a perfect for “lunch and learn” programs, continuing education, and staff development.

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See Ron in Action

Start-To-Finish KeynotesBookend your conference with Ron's opening and closing sessions

Consider having Ron kick off and close your conference. He can offer an inspiring opening keynote and then attend your entire conference while compiling a customized closing keynote based on his experience at the event. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind experience that’s full of humor and insight. It’s sure to send your attendees off with the motivation they need to continue their personal and professional development.

Ron Culberson delivering a keynote address


“I got great feedback including that Ron was the best speaker we have had.”

– Earle A. MacKenzie, Shentel

Funsulting, etc. SeminarsSessions with a bit more depth, interaction, and fun

If you need a session for staff or leaders, Ron can create a solution for you. These seminars can be designed for staff education, employee retreats, or leadership development programs. They will include funny presentations, engaging activities, powerful content, and facilitated discussions. You will not only learn new information and develop new skills, but you will have a great time in the process.

Topics may include:

  • Managing stress by changing your perspective
  • Developing and adhering to your personal and work values
  • Discovering and developing the skills you need to do your job
  • Communicating and connecting better with your clients and colleagues
  • Working more effectively with others
  • Improving your presentation skills
  • Making meetings more productive and more fun
  • Becoming a better leader
  • Becoming more mindful

“Ron Culberson Gets Attention With His Funsulting Tips to Make Work More Enjoyable.”

—The Washington Post

Say it Well, Make it FunPresentation skills training and coaching

Whether to a group of one, ten, or one hundred, the goal of a presentation is the same-to influence the audience by capturing their hearts and minds. This in-depth presentation skills program is designed to show you how to combine your most unique gifts and skills with content, stories, and humor to make you a more powerful presenter. From the preparation to the research to the delivery of the material, this program covers all of the components of an engaging presentation that has impact.

Whether you’re an executive, a manager, or a public relations professional, your presentations directly represent your work. Through this program, you can have a greater influence on your audience.

“The standing ovation from the more than 1,000 people in the audience was an indication that your program was quite a hit! You took the messages that we all heard and put a humorous twist on them which was not only funny, but highlighted the important work that our members carry out each day in hospice and palliative care. Plus, you accomplished this in a clean and respectful way. ”

—Donald Schumacher, President & CEO
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Picture of Ron Culberson emceeing an event

EmceeProfessional master of ceremonies for special events

Don’t settle for a lackluster emcee for your next meeting or awards program. Instead, let Ron bring both professionalism and humor to the role. He not only assists you with the logistics of the event but he will assure that your program moves smoothly and the audience is both engaged and entertained along the way. There is an art and a skill to proper emceeing and Ron can bring that combination to your next event. You can either hire him as a stand-alone emcee or add emceeing services to his keynote presentation. Either way, both you and your audience will be glad you did.

“As a keynote speaker at Phoenix World Burn Congress, your message within “Do It Well. Make it Fun!” truly reached every type of listener in our audience. In the words of one attendee, your session was “inspiring, entertaining, and inclusive”.”

—Jessica Irven, Program Manager, Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

Stage InterviewsHelping leaders share their vision

If you’d like to share information with your staff, your association members, or your constituents in a unique way, consider a talk-show format with Ron as the host. Ron is a skilled interviewer who makes the most of his research so he can delve into the information in a funny, informative, and engaging way.

“Ron’s blend of presentation style, professionalism, realism, and social awareness and life in general, thrown in with lively humor, is beyond compare.”

—Dawn P. Ault, Exec. Director, VA Head Start Association

Writing ServicesUsing the written word to motivate and inspire

As the author of books, articles, newspaper columns, and blogs, Ron can use his writing skills to add meaningful articles to your magazines, journals, and internal newsletters.