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A Declaration of a Son’s Independence

In honor of Independence Day and the fact that my son goes to college this fall, I thought I’d reprint a column I wrote last year for the Herndon Patch.  Any resemblance to historical documents is purely coincidental, in a purposeful parody kind of way. “The Declaration of A Son’s Independence” by Ron Culberson In […]

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Wrongful Conviction IS a Prison Sentence

The Associated Press recently reported that archives compiled by two law schools shows that more than 2,000 people who were falsely convicted of serious crimes have been exonerated in the past 23 years.  Usually this is done with the help of a dedicated family member or advocacy group. That’s almost 87 people per year if […]

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Government Spending on Professional Development is Not a Bad Thing


The General Services Administration came under fire last week for sponsoring a conference that included a mind reader and a comedian. The cost of the event was $823,000 and was described as “excessive and wasteful” by officials, including President Obama. I don’t know all the details about this particular event but as someone who is […]

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