Date: June2013

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Presence Leads to Excellence and Humor

I was riding my Harley through the back roads of Maryland last weekend feeling tougher than my nerd-like appearance might suggest. As I rode into a shady portion of the road, my senses came alive with an entirely different experience. The air was cooler on my face and arms. The scent of pine and decomposing […]

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The IRS, Professional Development and Taxpayer Dollars

The IRS is SOL these days because of money they spent on a conference back in 2010. While there should concern over taxpayers money, I believe we don’t always understand the value of investing in the organization by investing in the employees. According to a Washington Post article, the IRS spent $4.1 million dollars to fly […]

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Graduation Done Right

My niece graduated from eighth grade at St. Joseph’s School a few nights ago. It was a lovely ceremony that included a Catholic mass, music and the awarding of the diplomas. Unlike any other graduation I’ve ever attended, the teachers at St. Joe’s say something about each student when he or she receives their diploma. […]

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I Think I’m Wishing My Life Away


A few nights ago, on behalf of my Rotary Club, I volunteered at our town festival. And for five hours, I wanted it to be over. The festival is a wonderful annual event that includes carnival rides, food vendors, live music and thousands of people who show up just to have a good time. And […]

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