Date: April2011

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Do it Well-Make it Fun…A White Paper

I just added a link to my white paper on Do it Well. Make it Fun. The link is on the home page. Plus, you can read it below. It’s long, but well worth it! Life is short. In a relative, big picture kind of way. So, we must make the most of the short […]

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A Well Done and Very Fun Video

The following YouTube Video is probably one of the best examples I’ve seen of doing things well and making them fun.  The amount of time it took to execute and record the video is the well done part.  The rest is pure fun.

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The Corporate Pursuit of Happiness

There is an interesting article in Fast Company Magazine focusing on a Stanford business professor who is teaching her students about the value of happiness in a corporate setting.  She’s working with some large companies to help them figure out how to use happiness to increase employees productivity and to woo customers. Now doesn’t it […]

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