Great Videos

Here are some great videos from around the world wide web:


Wonderful analysis of Buster Keaton’s comedy.

Martin Luther King, Jr. preaches about service

Scientific discussion of play.


An amazing 10-year-old fiddle player

Great fun traffic video.

Epic Airline Safety Video


My friend Jeanne Robertson and one of her funniest stories ever.

One of my favorite Steve Martin bits.

A very funny ad for our high tech world.


I always enjoy the creativity at Southwest Airlines.

Bizarre, funny, and addictive  public service announcement from Australia.

Kevin Bacon rocked on Jimmy Fallon.


Chris Rock’s Ad for President Obama

A 100 year-ld woman talks about getting married!

The Holstee Manifesto is a great idea for a company…and life


Brene Brown finds a unique connection to resilience – vulnerability

A hilarious talking dog video

Amazing trick shots


Handsome Mens Club with Jimmy Kimmel

Great Invocation by Mary Maxwell

A hilarious ad campaign by Toyota for the Swagger Wagon


Another excellent example of turning something routine into something fun.
Volkswagen’s Fun Theory’s musical staircase.

The following video is very creative and well done.  Chad Vader.