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It Only Takes a Minute to Understand

I have a condition called Windshield Identification Blindness which means, for some reason, I not only can’t identify drivers through their windshields, I can’t tell if they’re motioning me to move forward or giving me the finger. This leads to awkward social situations where I wave at people I don’t know or sit in my car doing […]

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Westboro Does it Again

As a Christian, I sometimes wonder if we’re all (Christians) reading the same book. It seems to me that Jesus was pretty clear about compassion, love, and consideration even with those who don’t share our perspectives. Unfortunately, this belief is not always shared by my fellow Christians. And as much as I’d like to say […]

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Religion and Humor: A Match Made in Heaven

There is a great article in USA Today about the intersection of humor and religion.  It focuses on whether there is a place in religion for humor.  You can read the article here:  Religion Hits the Comedy Circuit As a humorist and someone who has served on my church’s Board of Deacons and Board of […]

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